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Tonya's Child with T-Cell Lymphoma
01-13-2011, 05:56 PM,
RE: Tonya's Child with T-Cell Lymphoma
Hi Tonya,

Elonna and Rebecca made a couple of really great points in their responses to you, namely, "...cancer is cancer is cancer..." and that "Everyone's body responds so differently to Protocel. Whether it is the lysing or the reduction of the cancer, measuring your son's progress against others can be good or bad. If he is not where others are at doesn't mean that Protocel isn't working. It means Protocel is working according to his body's chemistry in God's own perfect timing. There are other factors that play into Protocel's effectiveness: not ever missing a dose, the person's diet, water intake, sleep schedule, and stage at which person began taking Protocel to begin with. The battle is not with the cancer, but with the mind to not let fear take over."

People have been cured of cancer, using Protocel, in so many varied types of cancers and stages of cancer and it seems that no 2 people have exactly the same reaction to Protocel, in terms of lysing and so on. When I began my search for a new alternative treatment (the previous alternatives I tried may have held it at bay somewhat but I was at Stage 4 with metastesis to several places in Dec. of '09) I was hoping to read about someone 'exactly like me' who had been cured. Well, although there are many women with breast cancer, no 2 of us has Exactly the same cancer with the same number of cancer cells with the same immune system and so many other variables. Instead, I found that the same basic rules (about taking Protocel) apply and it's very comforting to have a community of people, here on the forum, on the same healing journey who have been through or are going through or are related to someone going through what I am going through. That support goes a long way towards helping a person have a better attitude and therefore makes it easier to heal.

I guess, in my own rambling way, I'm trying to say that we are here for you and your son, whether it's to answer questions or just to offer our love and prayers and support. Use us as often as you need to.

Original dx March 2004-Invasive ductal carcinoma, hormone positive.
No conventional treatment. Went to alternative clinic in Mexico.
Recurrence dx October 2009-Stage IV Breast Cancer with mets to bone (sternum, pelvis/hips, spine).
Also to lymphatic system and "50 tiny spots" on my lungs.
Fired all my docs and started Protocel 23 in December 2009.
Also, benign brain tumor sitting on my pituitary w/ pressure on my aorta and optic nerve.

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