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Tonya's Child with T-Cell Lymphoma
12-26-2010, 02:13 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-13-2011, 02:25 AM by Elonna.)
Tonya's Child with T-Cell Lymphoma
My name is Tonya. My son just relapsed with T Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma after a 2 year coarse and remission for approx 4-5 months. It is quite aggressive. We allowed them to put him through one round of a very intense chemo to get him into remission, they want to do a second and then BMT. We feel more everyday that we cannot allow this and sense strongly that it will be too much for him. But we do not want our son to die!!

We are going to start Protocel. We have already done a Navarro Urine test which according to this shows a 53 and shows that the chemo helped us at least get down to a manageable level. He is having very hard time recovering for this, we can see it everyday. We feel God is leading us to NOT do the BMT and are not sure he would be able to tolerate one more dose of chemo. We are getting stronger and stronger in our resolution to avoid further chemo. Researching and prayer have helped immensely.

Looking to chat/ get feedback/encouragement from other parents on similar road.


Editing Reason: Changed Title to add name as we are including names in "Tell Us Your Story Titles" due to the fact that there will eventually be many similar such cases on The Corner. Additionally, put in some paragraph lines just so it was easier to read post./elonna
Tonya Campbell
Mother of child dx with T-Cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoblastic Lymphoma stage 4 May 2008 (11 ys old).
Treated for 2 year protocol. In remission, done with treatment May 2010 (13 years old).
Relapsed Dec 4th 2010 with docs wanting to do a BMT.
Allowed one hard round of chemo, prayed and researched and starting alternate therapy Dec. 2010. Protocel Jan 3rd. Dec. baseline Navarro 53, Jan. 21st 52.6!!
God is directing,God is healing!!

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