Forum Announcement: Rules and Etiquette of
03-29-2012, 12:47 PM,
Rules and Etiquette of (The Corner) is intended to be a safe, informative environment and credible resource center regarding the use of Protocel®. It is also intended as a community of support and a gathering place for individuals using Protocel®, their loved ones/friends and/or caregivers. It is, therefore, requested that as a responsible User of The Corner that you consider the overall tone and attitude of your posts and adjust your thread/post content accordingly.

This Forum is open for discussion and free exchange of information regarding the correct use of Protocel®/Entelev® or Protocel®/Cancell®. However, the promotion of products that are NOT definitively know from years of anecdotal evidence to not interfere with Protocel® is prohibited herein. Further, the hint/suggestion by someone that they have some "special" insight or information that is being withheld from Corner members is absolutely prohibited as well. Any such comments/suggestions made in this manner will be completely removed from The Corner without further explanation.

Private conversations with Elonna about a product that someone has some special insight into are welcomed. She can be reached either by phone (1-330-772-5649 Ohio, USA) or through email at: If after discussion with Elonna it is found to be valid for such product to be mentioned/discussed on The Corner, then permission will be given to do so.

While it is not a requirement that one post when a member of The Corner, we certainly would encouraged posting as often as one feels led to do so. Please do your best to be aware of the Category and/or Thread you are posting into and keep your information pertinent to such Category and/or Thread. If your thread/post gets moved, it is because it was in the wrong place and more appropriate elsewhere. This step will only be done in an attempt to keep The Corner easy to navigate.

Users agree not to attempt to sell, solicit, collect emails or otherwise endeavor to market any substance, product or protocol on The Corner which has not definitively been deemed appropriate for use with Protocel®.

Forum administrators/moderators must be shown respect and their instructions pertaining to the management of The Corner adhered to.

Swearing will not be tolerated - including coarse or offensive language.

Be advised that the Owners of The Corner reserve the right to edit, or delete inappropriate threads/posts, and even delete or ban Users as deemed prudent and without explanation. This also applies to any spam found on the Forum.

Please understand that lives are at stake here. It is imperative to ensure the preservation of The Corner as a credible resource and community of support for individuals using Protocel®, their loved ones/friends and/or caregivers. These policies are in place in the hopes of accomplishing such preservation. Finally be advised that the "Elonna" of is an active participant and administrator of The Corner. As such, she will make all administrative decisions she deems appropriate to preserve the integrity of The Corner and its above-stated purposes with respect to Protocel®. She is not required to explain or disclose any action(s) taken.