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Tonya's Child with T-Cell Lymphoma
01-17-2011, 08:54 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-17-2011, 08:56 PM by ChrisPe.)
RE: Tonya's Child with T-Cell Lymphoma
Hi Tonya,

In your response, you mention "Fear". I'm giving you a link to a thread in the Inspirational Messages part of the forum and Elonna's first post has some great quotes about "Fear". The rest of the posts are good too, but that one is where you should start.

As for what you're feeding your son, if you do a search on this forum for diet or menu and enter Elonna's name on the right hand side of the search page, you'll see what Elonna has to say about what to eat. Basically, it's eat well-balanced, unprocessed food, slightly higher in protein (like grass fed meat) and stay away from "white" foods like sugar (feeds the cancer!) and white flour. Extremely important is for him to drink LOTS of pure water to flush out the dead cancer. It will help his body cleanse itself in the most natural way. There's more detail in the posts but you shouldn't 'freak out' and sweat the small stuff. Your positive, confident attitude will go a long way in helping your son's recovery.

My last tip of the day, if I may, is to tell you that if you use the larger NEW REPLY button under someone's post, it won't copy their whole post. If you click on the smaller reply button within their post, it copies their whole post into your reply.

Now, put a big and genuine smile on your face and give your son a big hug and kiss and tell him everything will be ok! Just see if it doesn't make him feel better too!

Chris Smile
Original dx March 2004-Invasive ductal carcinoma, hormone positive.
No conventional treatment. Went to alternative clinic in Mexico.
Recurrence dx October 2009-Stage IV Breast Cancer with mets to bone (sternum, pelvis/hips, spine).
Also to lymphatic system and "50 tiny spots" on my lungs.
Fired all my docs and started Protocel 23 in December 2009.
Also, benign brain tumor sitting on my pituitary w/ pressure on my aorta and optic nerve.

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