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Still around - ann td - 05-05-2014

I've been checking the Corner off and on the last several weeks with no posts in sight. Just want you to know that, although I'm not Elonna, I am more than willing to offer you support with your Protocel use. If I don't have answers, I'll do my best to find them.

If you're a new Protocel user, this can be a most challenging time dealing with cancer. I am available to help you make sure you're using it correctly and help out with dietary questions and compatibility issues.

If you've posted before on the Corner and want to give us an update, please do so. Your voice is an encouragement to others just starting.

As of now, I've been a Protocel user since August, 2009 for skin cancer and as a prophylactic for breast cancer 15 years ago. I may just be one for life! My husband and I have also chosen to do the Navarro test every 6 months to monitor levels of HCG hormone associated with cancer in the body.

So please, feel free to post! I'll be checking daily. May God bless your journey.

RE: Still around - Rebeccawomack - 10-22-2014

Just thank you so much Ann for your constancy!

I am here as well. I don't have the knowledge that Ann and Elonna have about the body but I am glad to encourage you along the way.

In Him,