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Private Emails to Elonna - Elonna - 01-15-2012

Right now, I am going to ask you all to refrain from emailing me privately, especially if you have placed a similar post on The Corner. It has gotten to the point where I cannot keep up with everything anymore and I am currently 2 months behind in my email replies. Something has to give in my life. If I am going to keep taking phone calls regarding Protocel and going to have good time available to spend on The Corner, I've got to stop the private emails from Protocel users.

So, if you want to have a private conversation with me about information you do not want included in The Corner, then you will need to give me a phone call rather than send me a private email.

Thank you for your understanding.

RE: Private Emails to Elonna - Elonna - 04-07-2012

Just an update on this issue. I have decided that I can no longer continue to answer private emails. It has gotten to the point that I am overwhelmed on all sides with Protocel. In order to not burn out, I've got to start cutting back in some areas related to Protocel.

The Corner is of course going to be a focus area for my time. In order to do this well, I need to quit being pulled between it and private emails. So, I'm asking that a post regarding concerns be placed here on The Corner and not emailed to me.

In the alternative, individuals are welcome (even encouraged) to give me a call concerning any issues they need to discuss. My phone number is listed below.

I can still be reached regarding Corner issues through the "Contact Us" option at the very bottom of the page.