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Full Version: Infantile Fibrosarcoma - Looking For Protocel Advice
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In February 2015, our daughter (then 5 months old) was diagnosed with infantile fibrosarcoma (i.e., soft tissue cancer, which in our case is in the right lower leg muscle). The tumor is inoperable. We are exploring alternative treatments for our baby and came across Protocel in Tanya Harter Pierce's book, Outsmart Your Cancer. Any advice on which formula (#50 vs. #23) and the recommended dose (our daughter is now 7 months old) would be much appreciated.
Thank you,
Hi, Ned. Thank you so much for posting about your sweet child. Please let me do some researching and get back to you. God bless.
Hi, Ned. Okay. The recommended formula is 50 and the dosage is 1/8 teaspoon every six hours around the clock. Very important that you keep her hydrated well to help flush out the lysed cancer cells. Please keep us posted. I'm adding her and you to my prayer list thru this very difficult time. God bless and hold you close.
Thank you, Ann.