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Full Version: The Corner Has not been Hacked
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Unfortunately, somehow we got into somebody's computer system that has gone a-muck with registrations for admittance into The Corner. Please rest assured that these registrations are being banned from admittance into The Corner. As we hand approve every registration, we have been able to prevent someone from actually "hacking" us (at least so far). As state above, I have banned each of these "odd" registrations today. Unfortunately, though, you will see some odd names/words as being admitted as new members and on the birthday list. These names should be off these areas by tomorrow.

Additionally, rest assured that no one has automatic access to your private emails through The Corner's program. These emails are protected from view from everyone with the exception of Administrators/Moderators of The Corner.

I would appreciate it, though, if I would be notified immediately if there is ever an odd posting/thread. Thank you!
Well, it appears that the strange names from the other day under the Today's Birthdays have been replaced by more strange names. I had another batch of registrations that were bogus tonight to deal with.

I'm just glad they have not been able to invade our actual forum.

Everyone remember that Friday is upgrade day! YEAH!!!!