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Elonna will be LIVE on the forum!! Have your questions answered in real time as Elonna will be on the forum specific times during the week. These times will change throughout the given weeks, but will be posted weekly and ahead of time so that you can plan accordingly.

The Month of May:

I'm sorry but I am unable to be on the Forum LIVE this month. As I had reported in a prior posting here, our daughter, Brenna is getting married in June. Our son, Zachary is also getting married in early July. Their weddings are 3 weeks apart. So, things are starting to snowball here and it appears that I'm going to have to make my appearances on the forum every couple days until we get Brenna and Zak married. These are important mile stones in our family life. I hope you all understand that during this time, I just cannot come up with extra time for the LIVE sessions. I will endeavor to get them started back up as soon after Zak's wedding as possible.

In the meantime, again, I'll be on and off the forum at different times during the week to reply to postings/threads during this time frame. If it is something urgent that you need to know, please feel free to call me just understand again that it may take you several attempts to actually reach me because of the running and preparing for these weddings that is now taking over life here.

Please post your questions under the Open Discussion about General Issues Section. You will need to start a Thread in order to do this or post in an existing Thread of it is of the same or of similar subject matter. Please give your Thread a title which will clue us into the main subject matter of your question if beginning a new Thread. By doing so, this will provide information under this section for future reference for others joining our forum.


Reason for edit:
1) Added additional information into post.
2) Thread will be edited weekly in order to update notification of dates/times of Live sessions.
As a "tease" for everyone to look forward to -- I spoke today with my nephew (our wonderful forum/computer trouble shooter) about setting up an actual Chat capability for us here on the forum. I've turned him loose on designing the computer programming package that will enable us to do this. Once he has it up and running, I will then be able to activate the Chat area for our "LIVE on the Forum" sessions and actually have the ability to carry on a conversation with you in real time. He is going to set this up also so that anyone signed into the forum during these chat sessions can read what is being said by all participating in the chat and they can make the choice to jump in with comments of their own.

The chat area will specifically be used, at least in the beginning, exclusively for the "Live on the Forum" sessions. It will not be activated on a 24/7 basis.

I hope that Brandon has the program in place for us in early July when I should be able once again to do these sessions.